Monday, 20 March 2017


How did I not realise that it was International Day of Happiness, until the very end of the day? Seeing the odd post on Twitter is what spurred me on to write this post this evening. 
I love thinking about what makes me happy. It almost makes me want to experience it all at once and relish in the feeling. My nan always speaks to me about happiness, and that ultimate moment where you feel and think to yourself, 'this must be it, this is happiness'. Feelings I get when singing (shouting) with Christina, lyrics of our favourite song in the car, when Theo actually snuggles himself into me and presses his nose against mine, or when I'm surrounded by my nearest and dearest, tucking into a glass of Prosecco. 
Heres a little list of things that make me the most happy:

I. Waking up to sunshine. 
Who doesn't love that? my favourite days are when I've had an exhausting week at work, the weather has been dull and miserable and I've spent the best part of the week dashing too and from my car - Sloshing my travel cup of Earl Grey absolutely everywhere, trying to put my hood up and trying to fish for the pound for my locker in my pocket, all at the same time. 6.50am multitasking at its very finest. Waking up to sunshine beaming through my window, makes me not bothered to get out of bed early, it makes me inspired, creative, excited for the day. Please stay forever Mr Sun :( 

II. Good Breakfasts.
I have to admit, I am one of those people that actually wakes up dreaming about breakfast. Especially if I've bought something new to try/have a current favourite. At the moment I'm loving Coconut and Cocoa Nib porridge from Sainsbury's. Add in a little extra oats, (come on, who are those small packets actually big enough for), toss in some Blueberries or Pomegranate seeds, add some Chia seeds & honey, and you've got yourself not only an Instagram worthy treat, but something healthy and wholesome to kickstart the day.

III. That fresh shave feel.
Come on ladies, you know what I'm talking about here. N O T H I N G (ok maybe some things..), feels better than freshly shaved, freshly moisturised leggums. Slipping into some soft cotton PJ's, or roaming free/starfishing/one leg in, one leg out, in my Egyptian cotton bed sheets - UH. HUH. HONEY. 

IV. My friends.
I don't have a lot of friends, I never really have! Unless you count Myspace in 2008... However, the friends I do have, I really do adore. I have friends from when I was 4, 14, 17 and 21. Each and every one, special in their own unique way, have helped me without even knowing it, and made me feel good when I've felt my worst. LOVE YA GUYS AND GALS <3 

V. Buying new shoes, that are actually comfortable.
Best. Thing. Ever. I have the WORST feet when it comes to fitting shoes. They're narrow, slim, small, and all kinds of AWKWARD. Can I wear cute slip on shoes? no. Can I wear saucy stiletto heels? no. 
My best buys are heels that I can wear all night, or trainers I can wear with no jip. Shout out Vans Mono ISO 1.5. You da bestest.

VI. Having good skin days.
Those who know me, will know my change in mood/goals/aspiration/life, when I have good skin. When I went to Rome last year, the sun cleared my eczema up entirely. Its a kind of bliss I can't even describe when my skin is good. Don't get me wrong its pretty good majority of the time, now I'm on my medication, but being completely clear, able to wear a spot of fake tan,  frolic freely in any item of clothing I want to wear, showing any part of my body I want - is just awesome. 

VI. My pooch, Theo.
If you follow me on any form of Social Media, you'll know I am completely besotted with my pup, Theo. I got Theo when I was in a really bad place, and he seemed to turn everything around for me. I love watching him run around on walks, receiving his gentle puppy kisses, and letting me carry him around the house like a baby. 

VII. Perfectly constructed roast dinners.
You know the ones. Perfect fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside roasters. The perfect ratio of solids to gravy. A good array of vegetables, and of course a decent amount of sauce options. 
(My personal favourites are Racks, The Badminton Arms, Fox and Hounds, and a couple of my ex's mums. BANTER.)

VIII. Travelling.
Ah, that feeling of stepping off an aeroplane and into a different place to where you started. When people say pretentious things like 'travelling feeds the soul', or 'travelling has changed me' etc. I have to agree. The best way to get over life's stresses, or if you're feeling at a stand still. Opening your eyes to new culture, experiencing new foods, people, and adventures. An addiction I wish I had more funding for!

IX. Good quality clothes.
100% organic cotton? perfect cut? snug in all the right places? lose in all the right places? flattering? expensive look and feel? Soft to the touch? SOLD.

X. Youtube.
Youtube is my escape. Every single night without fail I watch some of my Youtube favourites. I'm a sucker for daily vloggers, travel vloggers, beauty guru's and style documenters. 

XI. Driving through the country.
This has to be a new found love. What with my snazzy new car, being able to put my foot down and it actually MOVE. Driving through the winding roads of the countryside is so freeing, especially when the appropriate music is playing and the weather is the perfect mixture of blue skies and flashes of bright sunlight through the trees. 

What makes you happy? 
Its humbling to know I could actually make an even longer list than this - but if you made it even this far - well done. I'm not the biggest fan of a big rambly post with minimal photographs. (PS The photo for this post was taken last Summer in the Longleat House flower garden!)

Thanks for reading, stay happy!
Madi x

Tuesday, 14 March 2017


.cactus - Ikea. trainers - New Look. perfume - Zara. notebook - Moleskine. reed diffuser - Homesense. silk flowers - Country Baskets. photo frame - Homesense. candle holder - Primark.

I'm so excited to say Spring is finally on its way. I've spent the past 6 days off work. (what. 6 days. SIX DAYS?! ALREADY?! why is it that time off work goes SO quickly, its so not fair!). ehem. Anyway, the past 6 days - have been filled with beautiful, Spring infused walks, refreshing sunny days and a slight change in wardrobe choices (which maybe excites me the most!).

I had my first little Spring clean today, nothing feels better to me than clearing out my (usually) messy room, sorting out my bedding, cleaning my clothes, wiping the dust from the window sills, hoovering and anti-bac wiping the lot! Most that know me, will know that I usually dedicate a day a week to do my 'chores'. I have seemed to delegate a little regime to myself over the past few years, a Spring clean a week - if you will. Considering its pretty important to my health that my room is consistently cleaned/dust free, I don't see this as a bad thing! My bedroom has always been my little nest and I'm constantly trying to improve it. 

Recently I've been buying little oddments that I wouldn't have bought 3/4 years ago - Home bits. I find as I get older, the word 'nest' seems to become more and more appropriate when describing the little space I get to call my own. Considering I am part of a generation that are left stuck in their family homes, not wanting to share a house with random people, not being able to move on with their adult lives, and not being able to own their own home - all due to the rocketing housing market we're faced with. HOWEVER, I thought I'd make a little list of things that make me feel SO much better about life now that we've finally got January and February out of the way! (thank fewk, for that!)


Walks walks walks, I just cannot get enough of, walks. I'm pretty sure its my favourite activity like, ever? I'm also pretty sure its not the first time I've mentioned it on my blog. I'm so glad the evenings are finally getting lighter, and the chill in the air is starting to disappear. Its strange not needing my hugely padded coat and a bobble hat when leaving the house. Going for a walk - dog or not, is such an amazing way to clear your head, get some exercise and inhale some fresh air. I'm really lucky in the area I live that there are tonnes of different ways I can walk, and most of them actually link up.
Get those wellies on and don't let the recovering, muddy walkways, put you off. Me and my mum also love to whack our phones out and take photos during our walks. I'm done with taking photos of frost and dull skylines, so the pleasant details of Spring peaking through is most welcomed.


The top photo here was actually taken at around 6.30am when I left for work sometime last week. The sunrise through the houses next to mine, literally took my breath away! Getting up early becomes SO much easier now the sky actually shows its light before 7.30/8am. I'm obsessed with all the flowers coming into bloom this time of year. My usual comments while driving or walking with company are 'wow look at that!' 'oh how pretty!' (since when did I turn into an 80 year old floral enthusiast?) This week me and my friend Christina, took a trip to Old Down Country Park, in Tockington, (even the name of the place just sounds so quaint, right?). Both of us are going through a pretty rough patch at the moment, what with family and relationships etc - so getting to escape all the shit going on in our lives in Bristol, is an extremely 'cleansing for the soul' experience - especially when we get to see baby lamb's!!!!!

What are you doing in prep for Spring? My next milestone is being able to rock my newest dungaree dress with NO TIGHTS. The freedom! 
Hurry up Spring, I can taste you!

Thanks for reading, Madi x

Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Today is International Women's day. I've been thinking about doing this blog post for a while, but today it seems most appropriate. First of all - I love being a girl, but its hard. Really hard - but we all know that. What with periods, mood swings, the lack of choice in decent men, having to be the one to carry and birth a baby, stupid dating apps that make us want to die, skincare, what clothes will make our assets look the nicest, our hair, our toenails, having to shave our hairy legs & foof. I could honestly go on forever. (Ps I think thats the first time I've ever referred to a vagina as, a foof). Half of my days are spent wondering whether I should aspire to be a nature loving, free spirited feminist, or a self indulgent, materialistic, Instagram model.

My favourite part about being a women in 2017 is how strong we are perceived, recognised, and most importantly, are. I do agree that social media is a huge part of this. Women are standing forward when it comes to being a 'girl boss'. Girls are encouraged to take their passion or career path, and run with it. Whether it be writing about the make up we love, talking about our pregnancy journeys, becoming qualified builders and electricians, or becoming CEO. Gone are the days where women are confined to motherhood, or discouraged to use their brains for anything more than keeping a home. Girls are being brought up to stand up for themselves, never back down until they get what they want, and most importantly, continuously fight for the respect we always have and always will, deserve.

Okay, so lets talk about men. Who doesn't love men? Whether it be your dad, brother, dog, cousin, work friend, Tinder squeeze, boyfriend or husband. Men are the spice of life, the opposite sex. What would we do without strapping young lads or wise old men? Whether we like it or not, men make us feel good. Whether its helping us, spoiling us, flirting with us, or squeezing us and spinning us around, (one of my personal faves). However, (come on, of course theres a 'however), what really upsets me, is men with double standards, and worse - inflicting emotional and physical abuse, particularly when it comes to sexism.

Men who expect women to stay reserved and 'old fashioned', yet expect us to send nudes. Men who expect women to not dress in a certain way, yet deem it ok to pry, perv and pester, when a woman chooses otherwise. I've actually been pretty shocked at some remarks I've heard, aimed at women. To name a few, 'I would never date someone who isn't a virgin, damaged goods' or 'If I found out you'd slept with more people than me, I wouldn't date you. Trust me, ALL men think the same', but of course - its perfectly acceptable, almost disregarded, for us to date men who have been around the houses, and some. I feel extremely passionate when it comes to women and how/when we use our bodies. GUESS WHAT?! Sex feels great to us too! It baffles me as to how older generations STILL appear to think casual sexual partners, one night stands, and sex based relationships are 'disrespecting yourself' or 'letting a man use you'.
....But, what If we're 'using' them, just as much as they're 'using' us? Like I say, I could talk on this subject matter for an eternity.

I feel kinda sad for some of my friends in their 20's who still, in 2017, feel they can't freely talk about relationships/sex with their parents. I mean of course, some things are unheard of sharing. However, I believe now, more than ever, girls should be talking about sex - safe sex! Educating each other, and most importantly not made to feel ashamed for taking part in, and enjoying safe sex. Why is it that boys get 'get in their son', yet girls get a subtly shunned with derogatory remarks. What confuses me the most, is one minute girls are 'frigid' teenagers, made fun of in the playground for being a virgin. Then the next, they're made to feel unnecessarily ashamed, for carrying out an act, that on most occasions, is both pleasurable and empowering. I feel like as a society - views, feelings, emotions and attitudes towards sexism is still something we need to work on. I mean, isn't it kind of sad that most of the songs on the radio are about getting back at our ex's, how boys are all cheats, and how dying our hair blonde, would be a necessary action to take to get a boys attention/approval?! AND, whats with all the meme's/videos about 'needy' girlfriends, when all we're really doing is expressing our love in our own weird and wonderful ways?! Bring back the days of heartfelt mix tapes, love poems and romance, I say!

“A slut is someone, usually a woman, who’s stepped outside of the very narrow lane that good girls are supposed to stay within. Sluts are loud. We’re messy. We don’t behave. In fact, the original definition of “slut” meant “untidy woman.” But since we live in a world that relies on women to be tidy in all ways, to be quiet and obedient and agreeable and available (but never aggressive), those of us who colour outside of the lines get called sluts. And that word is meant to keep us in line.” 
― Jaclyn Friedman

Women - let us continue to be loud, messy, colourful, fierce, creative, wild, free, excitable and absolutely extraordinary. Keep growing your freelance business', keep bringing up amazing families, keep striving towards #goals, travel often, love often, and don't let men like Donald Trump make you think you are anything less, than absolutely FAB.

Thanks for reading, Madi x

Friday, 3 March 2017


Finally, here I am getting round to doing a review on the beaut Moondust palette by Urban Decay. 
I'll be completely honest, when I first saw this palette, I really didn't give it much thought. I'm much more into my neutrals, warm shades and natural colours. However, one day after work I decided to mosey on over to the Urban Decay counter in John Lewis, Bristol (love the fact we finally have one in The Mall!).

Initially I was after a neutral shadow I could quickly brush over my lids before work that would give me a little suttin' suttin'. I'd looked online previously and realised that 'Space Cowboy would be the perfect contender for what I wanted. When I went to the counter I began to speak about the Moondust shadows in general and remembered they released a palette of them not too long ago. When I was shown the palette I just instantly fell in love - all the thoughts suddenly rushing through my head - 'Madi, imagine the looks you could create with this... It's not even that expensive when you think about what you get for your money... Yes, you came in for one shadow but, now you could get EIGHT for a mere £15ish more?!' 
So I caved. Of course.

The pigmentation on these shadows is absolutely in-sane, buttery, bendable and a beautiful colour pay off. I find they work to their full potential with using your fingers, or a damp flat brush. I love anything with a bit (or a lot) of glitter involved, so when these shadows were swatched in front of me, under the big bright lights of a department store, emphasizing every. single. flex of glitter - it was NEED at first sight (not to mention it was the last one in stock!). So far I've loved using these shadows on their own, or over coloured eyeshadow. The work perfectly in the centre of a halo eye or as the main glitter/shimmer on the lid. They are quite statement colours and I have to feel quite brave when I wear them, however I feel like with all the colours/iridescence of each colour, whether it be glam, grunge or everyday, theres a look for even the faint hearted. 

I'm hoping to post more makeup looks/tutorials to this blog soon, so keep your eyes peeled! 
Thanks for reading,
Madi x

Wednesday, 1 March 2017


Ah February.. you were kind of as crap, as expected. HOWEVER, a lot of positive and lovely things have happened too! I hate to think I'm one of these people that moan over small things (such as the month, or time of year), when some people have much bigger problems. February for me has been full of emotion, anger, confusion and more unusual for me - energy. I find when something negative happens in my life, I push myself into a frenzy of all or nothing and get up and go. I have felt a huge sense of pride when it comes to my work, friends & family this month. I feel like I've been thoughtful, there for people when I can be, listened (a lot), learnt (even more), and tried my very best at everything I've encountered/been challenged with.

This month I FINALLY got around to trying Avocado on toast, something I've wanted to try for so long. My verdict - ok. I haven't had it again since, I think I would've preferred to add more seasoning to my avacado (I only used salt and pepper), maybe some lime/chilli flakes next time!

The weathers been pretty grim this month, which means Jeremy has been hibernating inside a hell of a lot. Heres a photo my mum took of him chilling on the sofa, a familiar spot for him - opposite the fire. Due to the weather, I've actually cried over my skin multiple times this month, which is something I haven't done in probably over a year! The cold weather really aggravates my eczema and makes me feel like my medication isn't even working anymore (which as you can imagine, leads to anxiety, lack of sleep and maybe most annoyingly - not being able to wear all the pretty clothes I've bought this month. Hello cotton long sleeved tops and leggings ALL. THE. TIME.)

My favourite thing about this month is spending an above average time with my bestie, Christina. I always feel like I never get enough time with her to say everything in my mind/what lipsticks I'm loving, what songs I want to tell her about - I feel like we both CONSTANTLY have something new to say and JUST CAN'T STOP. Christina gives me an energy that I can hands down say, nobody else does. My favourite moments are spent with you! gurl <3 This photo is from when we spent the day in Cardiff, spent far too much money, and shopped till we dropped (basically). Here we are in Shake Shack with their Iced Tea Lemonade - too tasty.

This month I FINALLY upgraded my old 2001 Putno, Paolo. Renowned for his quirky name, temperamental power steering and crunching suspension - Paolo was the car that was parked in dodgy places, keyed for continually parking in places I shouldn't, vandalized on numerous occasions, and barely ever cleaned. For my first ever car, he served me well. I genuinely felt SO sad at the thought of giving him up, when I found out my MOT failed for more than the car was actually worth. My new car is literally beautiful - my ideal car. I honestly couldn't even want anything more right now, (I mean.. a Land Rover Evoque when I have a family would be pleasant, but yano). The perfect colour, shape and power. I'm pretty proud of me for saving through uni & part time work. 

Ah Valentines Day. I realised on Valentines Day, that I hadn't received flowers, not just on valentines day, but any time, of any kind, in over 2 years. Instead of dwelling on this fact and getting upset about it, I decided to march myself to the supermarket after work and buy MYSELF some white roses (my favourite).

Another one of mine and Christina's days off together this month. I decided to suggest going to Castle Combe, an absolute favourite day out for me. The houses, cutsie tea shops, scenery, quaint village - are all gorgeous. This day was ABSOLUTELY FREEZING, so unfortunately we physically couldn't hang around for long. I can't wait to come here in Summer, take a picnic and feast on the grass next to the small stream running through the village.

More beautiful Theo walks. I feel incredibly lucky every time I walk my dog in the areas that surround my house. I always forget how tranquil and peaceful they are. Theres a lot going on in my family life at the moment - walks like this help to keep the peace in my mind, and constantly remind me that my next lot of savings should go towards a new SLR!

My mum took me to the Hare and Hounds pub/hotel one weekend this month. Apparently I've been here a couple times before when I was younger, but shamefully I didn't remember too much about the place. Theres something so special and humbling about escaping to the countryside and surrounding yourself with beautiful settings and grounds. I plan to do a whole blog post about our visit this day! 

Pancake day! Never in a bazillion years did I think I could produce pancakes that were so Instagram worthy. Usually when I try out something new that involves recipes/food, they fail (to my disappointment), absolutely miserably! However, these vegan pancakes turned out amazing! In fact, I could just do with some now - looking at this photo! (I also plan to do a blog post on how I made these at some point!)

I am SOOO fricking excited that January and February are now over (soz to any birthday celebrators of these months). I'm starting to see the sunrise and birds sing as I leave for work (6.30am), the unnerving smell of fresh frost is starting to disappear, and the chill in the air is SO nearly a memory. (yay!!) 

I hope you've had a proactive and exciting February. I know one thing - I am now ready for Spring in FULL FORCE PLEASE! 
Madi x

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