Monday, 17 April 2017


So I'm totally late with my monthly roundup this month, mid way through April, alas, here I am.
March - you've been ok. Luckily for me the good parts of this month have balanced out the bad parts pretty nicely. I feel like I've done a lot this month, (aka my bank balance is utterly shocking).
Weather is finally starting to pick up a little (legs out weather though, please hurry). I've managed to keep myself really busy with friends and family, which has actually been rather lovely. Theres been tragedy and loss but with that has come togetherness and lots of cuddles - which I could never complain about.

Unfortunately, this month started off with my first ever funeral. A surreal experience for me, as I've never really witnessed even the smallest of details of such events - such as a coffin, or a vicar making speeches. I've only ever been to one church wedding, and that was when I was 6 years old, so church events are pretty unknown territory to me. Although absolutely heart breaking, and upsetting beyond words - I'm glad my great auntie Jan is out of pain now. A free spirited lady with so much energy and adventure in her soul, now free. 

The beginning of the month also greeted me with 9 days off work - absolute bliss. If theres anyone that needs a break from life - mind, body and soul - its me. I'm a pretty delicate flower, so any time to recuperate and renew my little self, is very much welcomed. My first day off I decided to wear no makeup (and no bra), and take a walk in one of my favourite dog walking spots (Westonbirt Arboretum), with my mum and brother (a pretty rare occasion to get us all together). Theo always loves it here, especially when there are tonnes of leaves to run through, other dogs to sniff and chase, and an air full of Vitamin D. 

A first for me: COSTCO. I always, always, hear my friends/friends families etc rant and rave about Costco and the bulk goods it offers, (Including a freshly baked pizza bigger than my face x5). Me and Christina ended up browsing every isle, which resulted in 3 different tasters of food that were on offer, and a humungous bag of Chia seeds, which look as though they will literally last my life. 

As always, after work, weekends, days off, are always spent finding out new little secret pathways/routes for me to walk Theo. Just a couple of photos from the past 4 weeks. FYI, Frenchay and its surrounding areas are literally the best, for peaceful, beautiful and exciting walks for your pooches. 

Theo's first beach experience! At least, one where he wasn't violently sick the entire time. (I once took him to Bournemouth beach and instead of frolicking in the sand, he ended up keeling over throwing up bile for about an hour straight... poor little man). This Lab/Spaniel cross is my dads dog, Maisy. She is absolutely insane, and gives Theo an absolute run for his dog treats when it comes to the amount of energy she has to burn. A beautiful sunny day spent with my step sister & plenty of fish, chips & ice cream.

Day adventures with Christina Louise. Pretty sure these are a monthly occurrence for us too. This time around we went to Old Down Country Park, we ended up seeing a BABY dappled miniature dachshund, which I practically died at (before its teeny claws nearly ripped my brand new, expensive, luxury tights from Sainsburys....)(no photo soz). We also saw llamas, sheep, horses, and an array of other wildlife - not to mention a beautiful baby lamb which made me consider vegetarianism for a good 24 hours :( 

March always brings around Jamie's birthday - an occasion always celebrated, usually in the same tradition we've always had. The three of us (me, Jamie & Maddie), will travel up to London, all dressed up - ready for a night of beautiful food, cocktails, and Holiday Inn special Pre drinks, followed by some form of amazing Super club. This time we decided to go to Birmingham, a place I'd never actually visited before. I was amazed by the amount/size of all the shops there - however I hated how very busy it was. Although I enjoyed our Birmingham adventure, I'd have to say that London would win my heart a thousand times over when it comes to its night life.

Theo making me laugh as per usual. This month saw all the Spring flowers bloom, everything becomes that little bit more beautiful and the air noticeably change to that fresh Spring smell, (usually freshly cut grass and the odd BBQ). When I tried to get Theo to pose next to the daffodils, he reminded me of a spoilt teenager, with a 'FINE.' attitude, resulting in a daffodil perfectly placed on his little head. Then pissed all over them. 

Catch up with my o2 pals. Always so lovely (even if they do consistently bully me). We always seem to have so much to say about our lives over the past 1/2 weeks we haven't seen each other. We actually ended up going to Zizzi's and I tried their new vegan cheese on a pizza. To my delight, and surprise, it was amazing! Nothing beats eating something that I know would usually make me suffer, with complete enjoyability. The last photo is when me and Austin took a walk with Theo, to my usual local dog walking spot. The day was beautiful, until we ended up going into town and I accidentally ate some sushi that was purely egg based. ERROR - alas, I'm still alive. 

Me and Christina decided to take a little overnight trip to Cardiff the other week. Completely last minute, spontaneous and reckless - a little like we've been in general, over the past month or so I guess. It was so nice to get away from Bristol for the night, crack open the prosecco, whack on the 'out out' outfits, and be free from all responsibility we'd left behind at Temple Meads. (Something I must admit, we should probably tone down in coming weeks, LOLZ.)

Considering we're currently half way through April, I'm excited to update my blog with what I've been up to this month! Things are very slowly starting to turn around from mildly dismal, to kind of ok. I'm on the path to getting the help I've always needed with managing other peoples and my own mental health, I've met new people and I've booked a holiday - but enough about that - thats for Aprils roundup ;) 

Hope you're having a lovely Spring time, its currently the Easter Bank holiday here in England, I'm enjoying it by spending it doing things I enjoy, visiting family & chilling the FEWK out. 
Thanks for reading! Madi x