Sunday, 10 March 2019


I've thought about getting a facial done for as long as I can remember. I'm pretty fascinated about the world of beauty treatments and I've always been keen on improving my skin to make it look healthier and glowy. However, facials have always low key scared me! As you probably know, I've always suffered with super sensitive skin and when it comes to skin care products, I know what works, what doesn't, and what flares my skin more than helps it. So as you can imagine I've always been a little apprehensive about how my skin might've reacted to having a facial!

I first heard about Touch and Glo beauty from my friend Becki at work. I was scrolling through Instagram one day, as one does, and I came across Sara's beauty profile. A new beauty salon offering specialist treatments for introductory prices - immediately I was intrigued! As soon as I got chatting with Sara through her Instagram page, I instantly knew I wanted to find out more about what she had to offer. I couldn't believe it when I figured out her salon was in fact, a cosy cabin at the end of her garden - a mere stones throw away from my own front door! Sara was more than happy to give me a consultation about what she thought my skin needed and I saw myself booking in for my first treatment with in a mere 20 minutes or so.

There is such a cosy, homely and comforting feel about Sara's treatment space, so naturally, I felt really happy with my choice to book my first facial experience with her! Sara is also so lovely - my mum came with me to my consultation, and we ended up worked out that, in this crazy small world we live in, my mum actually went to the same collage and worked in the same salon as Sara when they were hairdressers over 30 years ago - crazy crazy.

Sara has a number of treatments on offer which you can check out on her Instagram page here. After running through a few of the options with me I decided to settle on the 'Million Dollar Facial'. I felt like it had an array of different benefits and I'd always been interested in getting all the peach fuzz/dead skin cells off my face with the dermaplane part of the treatment.

The Million Dollar Facial experience "A luxurious facial where science meets indulgence":

  • Double Cleanse: My facial started with a double hot cloth cleanse, which is a treat in itself! I had my facial on a Saturday morning so it was such a nice start to the day after a long week at work.
  • Dermaplane: Next, Sara started my dermaplane. This part saw sooo much fuzz come off my face, it also takes off a layer of dead skin cells - which sounds scary but is such a refreshing feeling - knowing that all that gunk/build up of skin/product/makeup is being lifted from the surface of your skin is just fabulous. 
  • Microneedling: Without sounding weird, I feel like this is the bit I was most excited about. Essentially its small needles being punctured into the top layer of your skin, to cause 'trauma' to the skin, therefore forcing it to produce more collagen to boost the healing process. This honestly doesn't hurt - It just feels a bit strange. Its an indescribable feeling but very satisfying none the less!

  • Hydrochloric acid mask: Once my microneedling was done, it was prime time to put on the hydrochloric mask. "This method will heavily increase the absorption of any active ingredients by 80% as apposed to 8%". As you can see from the photo below - my skin is quite literally drinking the hydration in the acid at this point!

  • Massage & oils: Once the previous steps are done, Sara finishes with a Lymphatic massage which feels awesome. If you suffer from facial tension/puffiness/blocked sinuses, this part alone is amazing to make you feel more awake/refreshed.

I left Sara's salon feeling glowing from the inside out. I always wondered how having a facial could be a relaxing experience - but it really is. If you're feeling a bit dull/down in the dumps after the January blues, or need a little boost to start the Spring season, I would highly recommend booking yourself in with Sara.

One of the things I also really love about Sara's business, is that its a local one. Its just Sara and her beautiful log cabin, with calming music, lovely smelling candles, and lovely interior. Sara prides herself on being trained up to the best of her ability and has the best products for the job in hand!
Sara is super passionate and professional about the work she does and I would highly recommend booking in, especially if you're a first timer like me! Sara explains every part of the process with you before and during your treatment, and even provides you with aftercare advice and a cute sample of products to use.

Check out Touch and Glo beauty on Facebook and Instagram!

Sunday, 3 February 2019


Hmm.. that my friends, is a good question.

Why do I sometimes contemplate setting up a tripod, making my bed look all fancy, holding a cup of tea tight to my chest, while smiling sweetly at the camera - captured "slow Sundays *coffee cup emoji*". Honestly, when I really think about it that way, I honestly couldn't tell you. However would I be suspect to double tapping on a Zoella post of her posed in a staged position in her bathroom, holding her dog, that reads; "Happy Monday!". You're damn right I would. I have had countless friends say things like 'I just don't get it' ' I'm just not one of these posey type of girls' 'she must be so self obsessed with all these self timered photos' - and yes, I get that. As much as my mum co-operates with taking my blog photos for me (ta ma) - she will occasionally make the odd comment of 'what is this trend about?! everyone obsessed over pictures of themselves' - which again, I get why people would think this.

{Harvey Nicks coffee & hot choc on NYD19, Solo walk on the Downs with Theo}

{When you leave a coat behind but just have to go back for it - Warehouse}

I've always been a chronic over sharer. Bebo, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you name it - I had a zuped up profile. I love talking about whats going on in my life, private or not. I'm quite the blabber mouth really.. I will talk about anything and everything and am the biggest advocate of a 'problem shared, a problem halved'. I like gaining advice and knowledge from others and I am the biggest 'follower' ever - the perfect marketing target, you could say. Both my mum and dad talk A, LOT, and I'm guessing I gained this trait from them. As much as I always love the thought of being a quaint, quiet and private person - I just can't help but talk about my problems, have a good gossip, share everything I've been up to and listen to peoples life tales in return.

{Walks with mum & Theo on Whiteladies - discovered a cute new pub}

{Drinks on G road with Christina & new pal Juliette}

I feel like Instagram is an absolute minefield these days and used for SO MUCH. Anything from a tattoo business, to showing friends and family a new baby, to documenting a cosmetic procedure, to posting poetry, a lego collection, a pet, or even different types of slime you can make, (a personal fave).  Obviously a boy who follows me whose only into gaming will find it weird that I post photos of candles I bought in Aldi or continuous photos of me posing in multiple outfits that look the same, with weird hashtags that make no sense (they get you reach and recognition amongst the blogging community okay?). Just as I would find it weird if I was following a girl who.. I dunno, loved taking photos of.. car tyres. I'd be like 'why TF is she taking all these photos of car tyres?'. Sometimes thats how I feel about Instagram. I feel like a lot of people either don't get it, don't feel creative enough for it, get jealous that you have the guts to post vulnerable talking stories/outfit pictures on there for the world to see, or of course, just aren't interested.

{More new pub discoveries with mum & Theo}

{The mol's getting cosy - Theo got a haircut - he hates it}

I'm lucky enough to not have any comments/opinions etc that are ~too~ personal, regarding me and my posting habits, albeit the odd bitchy one (in real life as well as online!!?). Sometimes I can almost feel people judging me for posting what I do on my Instagram, but at the same time, whose hang up is that? not mine honey. If I want to put an outfit together, to then pose in it outside of a pretty house/backdrop, I will. For aaaages and ages I felt as though I wasn't 'good enough' for the likes of Instagram/blogging, quite literally just because I wasn't tanned, I wasn't blonde, I didn't have lip filler and I wasn't deemed 'typically attractive'. So stoopid - I know.

 {Won a FB competition for a free Kilo at a Vintage sale! Went with Tara + Theo, met Christina and Manda there}

{Went to VX Bristol for the first time, tried their vegan burger + mac'n'cheese, Tara had this insane looking freakshake - all Vegan and delish}

I love getting all dressed up and actually producing something thats fun and interesting - I love looking back at outfits I've put together or places I've been etc. over the years. It's just my thing, I guess? Am I getting paid for it like most ~influencers~? no. I used to think that made me completely invalid to post photos of my outfit or flatlays of makeup I've bought or snippets of my bedroom, like, mate - you've got under 1k followers - do think anyone actually cares about little Madeleine Grace's posts? Which is stupid. If you enjoy posting photos, whatever the content, why should you worry what others think? I feel like I'm not the only one who has that little negative nancy in their head though, right?

 {My first taste of working from home and Theo couldn't get enough.. he also turned 3 this month!}

{My baby niece continuing to make us all laugh all the time + more coffee dates with mum}

Anyway, there we have it - I like posting photos online, because I damn well do. I like looking back at memories and I always have and always will. I was the girl on nights out that would make sure I had room in my bag for a hefty digital camera before cameras on phones was a thing, I'm the one who always makes sure I had photos of pretty much every moment - Weather changes? photo. My niece got a new outfit? photo. My dog got a hair cut? photo. Something funny happened in the kebab shop on a night out? PHOTO. I am that girl - I've always been slightly ashamed of her, but from now on FUCK IT. If I want to post a photo of new skincare I've bought or staged photos of me posing - I WILL OKAY? #toopassiveaggressie?? lols.

 {It snowed a HELL of a lot over one night and I was too nervvy to drive to work - look how cute my little babies look looking out the window}

{I mean it snowed lots...}

As I'm finishing this blog post I've just hit 1k followers on my Instagram - GOOD BYE #discoverunder1k HASHTAG FUCKERS. Ps thanks if you follow me for my weird/wonderful/'stylish' updates :) xoxo