Tuesday, 22 March 2016


unfortunately, being from Bristol, 'alright?' is usually my casual greeting to my friends, family, and anyone unprofessional I happen to meet. My name is Madeleine, but most people just call me Madi. I decided to start up a brand spanking new 'corner of the internet', after thinking about how much I've blogged over the past 7 years, on Tumblr, Wix, Wordpress etc. Its about time I took the plunge back into the blogging world again. I'll be here talking about general life, new places, a bit of beauty and mental health. (Who knows I may even dabble in a bit of Fashion every now and then, like I used to). I'm not sure if its just me, but I find the blogging industry has turned a little sour the past few years, very self indulgent and a little showy offy, hence why I've steered away from the classic 'fashion and beauty blog' as of late. Anyway, I hope you enjoy :-)
Are there any blogs you think I should follow? Give me some recommendations to fill up my new subscription feed!


I. I am a 24 year old Summer baby.   
II. I have naturally ginger hair, haters back off.  
III. I love reading blogs and watching Youtube videos and tutorials.   
IV. Vegan cafes, restaurants, pop up vans etc - give me ultimate joy. (I'm allergic to egg, not vegan)   
V. People tend to think I'm short, I'm not, I'm just an all round small person.   
VI. I love long walks, I could literally walk all day, over fields, woodland, streets, and/or beaches.   VII. Garden centers are my happy place.
VIII. Sunday is my favourite day of the week.   
IX. I have metal in my leg after breaking it in a cheerleading accident, 5 years ago.   
X. I tend to get mistaken for a teenager, even though I am a full blown adult.