Thursday, 2 February 2017


Considering I'm pretty much the worst blogger ever when it comes to consistency, I thought I'd try my very best to do a little summery of each month up this year, for me to look back on next year! (This was originally going to be a 'my day's off', which then turned into 'my week in photos', alas, here we are - 'monthly roundup')

This months been a mixture of emotions, flitting from 'new year new me', to 'oh my god I'm so poor, how can I do anything', to 'I am so grateful for everything in life right now', to 'I wonder if I'll ever do the things I want in life..' Its been very though provoking, I'll say that much.

Here are some raw/unedited snaps of the month of January (although not horrendous - I'm so glad you're over!):

At the start of the month I really wanted to get my dreams for travelling off to a flying start. I've always stalked (and stalked), people who are my age and off travelling the world, I couldn't be more jealous. After having a gander around some of the shops on Park Street (something I haven't done in years!), I went to STA travel on the triangle for an appointment about travel options. After a general chit chat about what I wanted to get out of my experiences, and a few brochures later, I actually felt a bit overwhelmed. The money it costs - doesn't bother me, I can save for that. The fact that just getting myself into the centre of my own town, to enter a building by myself, to sit down with a man I don't know, to talk about getting around North America/Asia on my own, unfortunately, freaks me out enough as it is. However I am still determined to see the world. I need to realise everybody is different and maybe I'm not the true free spirit I'd like to be. However, I still believe in my own time I can achieve my dreams. (This day was actually beautiful weather wise, this is the top of Park Street, Bristol)

I was one of those people this month that turns up to work when they've booked the week off. D'oh!!! I've never ever done this before, feeling slightly frustrated (I get up at 5.30am to start work at 7am), I drove home and ended up having a really productive day. Heres my breakfast from said day - Fresh mango with Coconut soya yoghurt and honey. 

One of those days I was super grateful that I wasn't scraping ice off my car at 6.30am. Snuggled in my dressing gown, drinking a green tea, and not envying Theo's poor little paws, as he ventured onto the icy grass for his morning business. 

Another beautiful day! Complete with hot air balloon. 

I've been using this a tonne this month, the limited edition cleanse and polish from Liz Earle (pink pepper and mint). If you know me, you'll know I've been using Liz Earle's cleanse and polish for well over 5/6 years now!? Back when I had really bad eczema on my face, it seemed to be the only thing that didn't flare it up and left it feeling squeaky clean (without that horrible tight/drying feeling!) Love love love!

The day it slightly snowed and everyone lost their shit (as per usual). This was at 7.25am on one of my days off, I happened to be awake and decided to take a look out the window to see what my Twitter/Facebook timeline was really talking about - even though I don't get the hype, theres always something so pretty about snow, eh!

A treat from my mama. The most beautiful fishcakes I've tasted in a long while! This was at the Willy Wicket in Bristol.

As most people my side of town might have noticed a couple weeks ago, we had some fabulous sunsets. The sun seems to set so beautifully where I take my dog for a walk/drive home from my dads house. I was just envious of that plane trail in the sky - take me on holiday! 

...Told ya.

Some absolutely amazing cocktails I was treated to by my friend Esther, we have gone out SO. MUCH. the past two months, I think we've both agreed to give it a rest... for now. This was in a beautiful restaraunt/bar in Bristol called Browns. I've always loved it in here, occasionally we would go for a drink in here after my 'Founders Day' at school (when we'd march round Bristol in red gaberdine's - google it).

NAUGHTY DRIVING PHOTO. This day I had put down a deposit for my new car, something about me felt so emotional - I'm not sure if was the amazing red sunset, or the fact this was the last week I'd be driving my infamous Punto - Paolo. He has lasted me a long 3 years, and cost me around £250 in maintenance costs, never let me down, and travelled to various cities with me, (despite shaking when hitting anything over 70mph). After being told he was pretty much doomed due to welding problems, it was time to let go.. so sad! 

A catch up with old friends. We went to Zizi's and I actually had a salad (wut.), however I have to say it was tasty AF. Plus we realised I get a hefty discount due to where I work - happy days!

What felt like the most tiering day of my LIFE. Car hunting with my dad - I think this day I had test driven 3 cars in the past 24 hours and we were nearly losing hope, due to all the ad's I liked the look of had sold or were 3892580 miles away. This was in a cute cafe in Thornbury, called Shelley's Cafe - so cute! and the perfect sized brunch to keep us going for the rest of our search.

Yet another dog walk with a pretty sky - Looking at this photo, those crows must've been huge! I've never seen Theo chasing birds before, so this was quite a hilarious first.

After looking at these photos, I pretty much just go for dog walks and go out for dinner (lol), to be fair, these are my favourite things to do... However, I'm planning to do a little more this month, and be more proactive with adventuring rather than spending all my money and time on/with alcohol..
Saying that, its not like I've had a bad time - #lovedatpartyscene. Heres to a February full of adventures and new experiences (in my new car! eee!)

Hope you've had a lovely January, as far as January's go!
Madi x