Wednesday, 7 June 2017


Nooooooooo... a couple of outfit posts!? Surely not!? Ok so, when we were in Budapest, I bought a couple new items of clothes and thought, 'right, I'm going to be REALLY annoying, and ask Chrsitina every. single. day, to take photo's of my outfit'. I was super sure I'd have an entire array of photos and outfits to show you.. HOWEVER, by day 2, that was it, my energy (and probably Christina's energy too), was gone. Motivation for any kind of posing, had well and truly, left the building. Look though! I did a little suttin' suttin'. I actually got my posing out, in front of random passer's by, not that far from the Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest. 

ANYWAY, ehem, back to my 2010 Fashion Blogger tone.. 
This outfit, was incredible. I can't really remember what the weather was like this day, a little on and off. I just can't get over how airy and light this top is, and isn't it so unusual!? The cut and print design on it were the bits that caught my eye the most, (not to mention it was a mere £19.99). A crisp, cool and airy cotton material - I am in love. Anything that lets my skin breath and allows me to move freely, is like a match made in heaven to me. Due to the top being quite a statement piece, I decided to pair it with plain black cotton leggings and my trusty Van Classics. (Holding Primark sunglasses for effect, I'm pretty sure I didn't need them this day). 

Top - Zara
Leggings - H&M
Vans - Vans
Sunglasses - Primark
Earings - Primark

Maybe my favourite outfit out of the entire trip? I think this outfit really just sums me up. A mixture of street wear, cutsie pieces, and silver accessories. Ask most people that know me and I'm pretty sure thats how they'd describe my general day to day style. (Asides from my XL tshirts and leggings which I actually wear 90% of the time). I was quite skeptical about buying this Carhartt tshirt, it's been a bazillion years since I've invested in something 'designer' or 'with a name', as my mum would say. I've just not really seen the fascination with it, especially when I know I can get something similar for a fraction of the price elsewhere. HOWEVER, I feel like just this tshirt alone, has changed my perception. I cannot get over how SOFT and amazing this tshirt felt. I ended up wearing it down to breakfast every day once I realised how beautiful it felt on my skin. Plus it looks cool as fuq.

Tshirt - Carhartt
Jumpsuit - Topshop (old)
Belt - Topshop
Shoes - Converse
Sunglasses - Primark


  1. Yes Maddie! I love both outfits x

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