Sunday, 25 June 2017


So, being long term sick is NOT what I had planned for the beginning of Summer 2017, let me tell you that much. I was talking to my dad the other day about my blog and how I've been brain storming ideas to blog about/topics to talk about, etc. He said 'why don't you write about things to do while you're ill?', which got me thinking. I am sick at the minute, which means I physically can't go to work with the job I do, but that doesn't mean my brain or legs don't work, yano? 

Its hard to not feel like you should be cooped up in the house all day, or do nothing but stay in bed. Don't get me wrong, with how I'm feeling at the minute, thats what I do spend a lot of my time doing. However, I thought I'd write about a few things that make me feel a little less house bound and stop me from going bloody stir crazy over here! 

TEA & CAKE WITH FRIENDS - Maybe my favourite thing to do. I have a very close knit of friends that have seen me at my very worst, which means I'm not afraid or embarrassed to be in front of them in slouchy clothing and no makeup, feeling like a piece of poo. Nothing beats laughing until your tummy hurts and reminding yourself that you WILL be back to normality again soon enough, this isn't forever. This photo was taken at Boston Tea Party, I honestly didn't realise they made their cakes on site, and even include more than one Vegan option! 

FIND BEAUTY IN EVERYTHING - I'm pretty good at this on any day of the year. I'm very observant to my surroundings, whether that be what the sunset looks like, the intricate details of a restaurant or naturally memorising peoples outfits or lipstick colours on a night out. (One of my favourite morning after quiz's). I'm constantly taking photos of the sky, certain lighting, flowers, trees, animals & general picturesque scenery. I think it's important to focus your mind on beautiful, positive things, when you're sick, I find it really helps to take my mind off any pain/upset or frustration I'm suffering from. 

KEEP YOUR MIND MOVING - Try and do things that keep your mind moving. Whether that be reading, visiting new places, surrounding yourself with countryside or creating new and tasty recipes. (All of my favourite things to do). Some days I find it hard to get out of bed because I know as soon as I even sit up I'll be in pain. However, once I've forced myself to get up and out, I find great inspiration and joy in getting fresh air and exploring places I've never been before. 

FUEL YOURSELF WELL - I love food. Fact. Theres not many foods I dislike and I'm always up for trying something new. Whether it be green, smelly, a weird texture - I'll always try something once. Try making a new recipe including some of your favourite ingredients. I find it fun to attempt dairy free/gluten free recipes, as I find them quite a challenge (for example, will the cake rise with an egg substitute, or will it resemble a shit pancake?). Creating new recipes is also really rewarding, especially when the result is tasty and other people approve. 

GET FRESH AIR DAILY -  Admittedly, this is sometimes one of my biggest downfalls. Most days when I'm unwell, I wake up in such a bad mood, I just don't even want to get out of bed to wee, let alone go outside. Once I have made the move out of my front/back door, I do feel 10x more productive and positive about everything. I suggest going outside at least once a day. Even if its just to eat your breakfast, or stand with your face to the sun and inhale the morning breeze for 20 minutes.

Thanks for reading, as always
I hope you get well soon if you're currently sick too! 
Madi x


  1. You should be so proud of your positive attitude! Being sick is never nice - especially when it goes on for a while! Getting fresh air makes such a difference, it's something I need to do more of! xxx

    1. Thanks honey, means a lot! It's a daily struggle most of the time but positivity is key. I highly recommend getting a puppy for that exact reason.. just sayin ;) xx