Tuesday, 14 March 2017


.cactus - Ikea. trainers - New Look. perfume - Zara. notebook - Moleskine. reed diffuser - Homesense. silk flowers - Country Baskets. photo frame - Homesense. candle holder - Primark.

I'm so excited to say Spring is finally on its way. I've spent the past 6 days off work. (what. 6 days. SIX DAYS?! ALREADY?! why is it that time off work goes SO quickly, its so not fair!). ehem. Anyway, the past 6 days - have been filled with beautiful, Spring infused walks, refreshing sunny days and a slight change in wardrobe choices (which maybe excites me the most!).

I had my first little Spring clean today, nothing feels better to me than clearing out my (usually) messy room, sorting out my bedding, cleaning my clothes, wiping the dust from the window sills, hoovering and anti-bac wiping the lot! Most that know me, will know that I usually dedicate a day a week to do my 'chores'. I have seemed to delegate a little regime to myself over the past few years, a Spring clean a week - if you will. Considering its pretty important to my health that my room is consistently cleaned/dust free, I don't see this as a bad thing! My bedroom has always been my little nest and I'm constantly trying to improve it. 

Recently I've been buying little oddments that I wouldn't have bought 3/4 years ago - Home bits. I find as I get older, the word 'nest' seems to become more and more appropriate when describing the little space I get to call my own. Considering I am part of a generation that are left stuck in their family homes, not wanting to share a house with random people, not being able to move on with their adult lives, and not being able to own their own home - all due to the rocketing housing market we're faced with. HOWEVER, I thought I'd make a little list of things that make me feel SO much better about life now that we've finally got January and February out of the way! (thank fewk, for that!)


Walks walks walks, I just cannot get enough of, walks. I'm pretty sure its my favourite activity like, ever? I'm also pretty sure its not the first time I've mentioned it on my blog. I'm so glad the evenings are finally getting lighter, and the chill in the air is starting to disappear. Its strange not needing my hugely padded coat and a bobble hat when leaving the house. Going for a walk - dog or not, is such an amazing way to clear your head, get some exercise and inhale some fresh air. I'm really lucky in the area I live that there are tonnes of different ways I can walk, and most of them actually link up.
Get those wellies on and don't let the recovering, muddy walkways, put you off. Me and my mum also love to whack our phones out and take photos during our walks. I'm done with taking photos of frost and dull skylines, so the pleasant details of Spring peaking through is most welcomed.


The top photo here was actually taken at around 6.30am when I left for work sometime last week. The sunrise through the houses next to mine, literally took my breath away! Getting up early becomes SO much easier now the sky actually shows its light before 7.30/8am. I'm obsessed with all the flowers coming into bloom this time of year. My usual comments while driving or walking with company are 'wow look at that!' 'oh how pretty!' (since when did I turn into an 80 year old floral enthusiast?) This week me and my friend Christina, took a trip to Old Down Country Park, in Tockington, (even the name of the place just sounds so quaint, right?). Both of us are going through a pretty rough patch at the moment, what with family and relationships etc - so getting to escape all the shit going on in our lives in Bristol, is an extremely 'cleansing for the soul' experience - especially when we get to see baby lamb's!!!!!

What are you doing in prep for Spring? My next milestone is being able to rock my newest dungaree dress with NO TIGHTS. The freedom! 
Hurry up Spring, I can taste you!

Thanks for reading, Madi x

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  1. Those grey shoes are gorgeousssss!! I absolutely love your photography Madi, they're stunning and definitely make me appreciate spring x

    Abi | abistreetx