Wednesday, 1 March 2017


Ah February.. you were kind of as crap, as expected. HOWEVER, a lot of positive and lovely things have happened too! I hate to think I'm one of these people that moan over small things (such as the month, or time of year), when some people have much bigger problems. February for me has been full of emotion, anger, confusion and more unusual for me - energy. I find when something negative happens in my life, I push myself into a frenzy of all or nothing and get up and go. I have felt a huge sense of pride when it comes to my work, friends & family this month. I feel like I've been thoughtful, there for people when I can be, listened (a lot), learnt (even more), and tried my very best at everything I've encountered/been challenged with.

This month I FINALLY got around to trying Avocado on toast, something I've wanted to try for so long. My verdict - ok. I haven't had it again since, I think I would've preferred to add more seasoning to my avacado (I only used salt and pepper), maybe some lime/chilli flakes next time!

The weathers been pretty grim this month, which means Jeremy has been hibernating inside a hell of a lot. Heres a photo my mum took of him chilling on the sofa, a familiar spot for him - opposite the fire. Due to the weather, I've actually cried over my skin multiple times this month, which is something I haven't done in probably over a year! The cold weather really aggravates my eczema and makes me feel like my medication isn't even working anymore (which as you can imagine, leads to anxiety, lack of sleep and maybe most annoyingly - not being able to wear all the pretty clothes I've bought this month. Hello cotton long sleeved tops and leggings ALL. THE. TIME.)

My favourite thing about this month is spending an above average time with my bestie, Christina. I always feel like I never get enough time with her to say everything in my mind/what lipsticks I'm loving, what songs I want to tell her about - I feel like we both CONSTANTLY have something new to say and JUST CAN'T STOP. Christina gives me an energy that I can hands down say, nobody else does. My favourite moments are spent with you! gurl <3 This photo is from when we spent the day in Cardiff, spent far too much money, and shopped till we dropped (basically). Here we are in Shake Shack with their Iced Tea Lemonade - too tasty.

This month I FINALLY upgraded my old 2001 Putno, Paolo. Renowned for his quirky name, temperamental power steering and crunching suspension - Paolo was the car that was parked in dodgy places, keyed for continually parking in places I shouldn't, vandalized on numerous occasions, and barely ever cleaned. For my first ever car, he served me well. I genuinely felt SO sad at the thought of giving him up, when I found out my MOT failed for more than the car was actually worth. My new car is literally beautiful - my ideal car. I honestly couldn't even want anything more right now, (I mean.. a Land Rover Evoque when I have a family would be pleasant, but yano). The perfect colour, shape and power. I'm pretty proud of me for saving through uni & part time work. 

Ah Valentines Day. I realised on Valentines Day, that I hadn't received flowers, not just on valentines day, but any time, of any kind, in over 2 years. Instead of dwelling on this fact and getting upset about it, I decided to march myself to the supermarket after work and buy MYSELF some white roses (my favourite).

Another one of mine and Christina's days off together this month. I decided to suggest going to Castle Combe, an absolute favourite day out for me. The houses, cutsie tea shops, scenery, quaint village - are all gorgeous. This day was ABSOLUTELY FREEZING, so unfortunately we physically couldn't hang around for long. I can't wait to come here in Summer, take a picnic and feast on the grass next to the small stream running through the village.

More beautiful Theo walks. I feel incredibly lucky every time I walk my dog in the areas that surround my house. I always forget how tranquil and peaceful they are. Theres a lot going on in my family life at the moment - walks like this help to keep the peace in my mind, and constantly remind me that my next lot of savings should go towards a new SLR!

My mum took me to the Hare and Hounds pub/hotel one weekend this month. Apparently I've been here a couple times before when I was younger, but shamefully I didn't remember too much about the place. Theres something so special and humbling about escaping to the countryside and surrounding yourself with beautiful settings and grounds. I plan to do a whole blog post about our visit this day! 

Pancake day! Never in a bazillion years did I think I could produce pancakes that were so Instagram worthy. Usually when I try out something new that involves recipes/food, they fail (to my disappointment), absolutely miserably! However, these vegan pancakes turned out amazing! In fact, I could just do with some now - looking at this photo! (I also plan to do a blog post on how I made these at some point!)

I am SOOO fricking excited that January and February are now over (soz to any birthday celebrators of these months). I'm starting to see the sunrise and birds sing as I leave for work (6.30am), the unnerving smell of fresh frost is starting to disappear, and the chill in the air is SO nearly a memory. (yay!!) 

I hope you've had a proactive and exciting February. I know one thing - I am now ready for Spring in FULL FORCE PLEASE! 
Madi x

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