Monday, 20 March 2017


How did I not realise that it was International Day of Happiness, until the very end of the day? Seeing the odd post on Twitter is what spurred me on to write this post this evening. 
I love thinking about what makes me happy. It almost makes me want to experience it all at once and relish in the feeling. My nan always speaks to me about happiness, and that ultimate moment where you feel and think to yourself, 'this must be it, this is happiness'. Feelings I get when singing (shouting) with Christina, lyrics of our favourite song in the car, when Theo actually snuggles himself into me and presses his nose against mine, or when I'm surrounded by my nearest and dearest, tucking into a glass of Prosecco. 
Heres a little list of things that make me the most happy:

I. Waking up to sunshine. 
Who doesn't love that? my favourite days are when I've had an exhausting week at work, the weather has been dull and miserable and I've spent the best part of the week dashing too and from my car - Sloshing my travel cup of Earl Grey absolutely everywhere, trying to put my hood up and trying to fish for the pound for my locker in my pocket, all at the same time. 6.50am multitasking at its very finest. Waking up to sunshine beaming through my window, makes me not bothered to get out of bed early, it makes me inspired, creative, excited for the day. Please stay forever Mr Sun :( 

II. Good Breakfasts.
I have to admit, I am one of those people that actually wakes up dreaming about breakfast. Especially if I've bought something new to try/have a current favourite. At the moment I'm loving Coconut and Cocoa Nib porridge from Sainsbury's. Add in a little extra oats, (come on, who are those small packets actually big enough for), toss in some Blueberries or Pomegranate seeds, add some Chia seeds & honey, and you've got yourself not only an Instagram worthy treat, but something healthy and wholesome to kickstart the day.

III. That fresh shave feel.
Come on ladies, you know what I'm talking about here. N O T H I N G (ok maybe some things..), feels better than freshly shaved, freshly moisturised leggums. Slipping into some soft cotton PJ's, or roaming free/starfishing/one leg in, one leg out, in my Egyptian cotton bed sheets - UH. HUH. HONEY. 

IV. My friends.
I don't have a lot of friends, I never really have! Unless you count Myspace in 2008... However, the friends I do have, I really do adore. I have friends from when I was 4, 14, 17 and 21. Each and every one, special in their own unique way, have helped me without even knowing it, and made me feel good when I've felt my worst. LOVE YA GUYS AND GALS <3 

V. Buying new shoes, that are actually comfortable.
Best. Thing. Ever. I have the WORST feet when it comes to fitting shoes. They're narrow, slim, small, and all kinds of AWKWARD. Can I wear cute slip on shoes? no. Can I wear saucy stiletto heels? no. 
My best buys are heels that I can wear all night, or trainers I can wear with no jip. Shout out Vans Mono ISO 1.5. You da bestest.

VI. Having good skin days.
Those who know me, will know my change in mood/goals/aspiration/life, when I have good skin. When I went to Rome last year, the sun cleared my eczema up entirely. Its a kind of bliss I can't even describe when my skin is good. Don't get me wrong its pretty good majority of the time, now I'm on my medication, but being completely clear, able to wear a spot of fake tan,  frolic freely in any item of clothing I want to wear, showing any part of my body I want - is just awesome. 

VI. My pooch, Theo.
If you follow me on any form of Social Media, you'll know I am completely besotted with my pup, Theo. I got Theo when I was in a really bad place, and he seemed to turn everything around for me. I love watching him run around on walks, receiving his gentle puppy kisses, and letting me carry him around the house like a baby. 

VII. Perfectly constructed roast dinners.
You know the ones. Perfect fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside roasters. The perfect ratio of solids to gravy. A good array of vegetables, and of course a decent amount of sauce options. 
(My personal favourites are Racks, The Badminton Arms, Fox and Hounds, and a couple of my ex's mums. BANTER.)

VIII. Travelling.
Ah, that feeling of stepping off an aeroplane and into a different place to where you started. When people say pretentious things like 'travelling feeds the soul', or 'travelling has changed me' etc. I have to agree. The best way to get over life's stresses, or if you're feeling at a stand still. Opening your eyes to new culture, experiencing new foods, people, and adventures. An addiction I wish I had more funding for!

IX. Good quality clothes.
100% organic cotton? perfect cut? snug in all the right places? lose in all the right places? flattering? expensive look and feel? Soft to the touch? SOLD.

X. Youtube.
Youtube is my escape. Every single night without fail I watch some of my Youtube favourites. I'm a sucker for daily vloggers, travel vloggers, beauty guru's and style documenters. 

XI. Driving through the country.
This has to be a new found love. What with my snazzy new car, being able to put my foot down and it actually MOVE. Driving through the winding roads of the countryside is so freeing, especially when the appropriate music is playing and the weather is the perfect mixture of blue skies and flashes of bright sunlight through the trees. 

What makes you happy? 
Its humbling to know I could actually make an even longer list than this - but if you made it even this far - well done. I'm not the biggest fan of a big rambly post with minimal photographs. (PS The photo for this post was taken last Summer in the Longleat House flower garden!)

Thanks for reading, stay happy!
Madi x

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