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It's official, I am a National Trust member. The stickers on my car, the membership card has a pride place in my purse, and I'm finally embracing my love for all things nature and tranquility. A couple months back me and Christina were persuaded to join the National Trust membership scheme, when we decided to visit Dhyram Park (on one of our many day trips together). The 'National Trust Lady' claimed a membership would be a whole 50% off the regular adult price if we signed up before we were 25. This made the membership £32.40 a year as apposed to £64.80, and considering I turn 25 pretty soon, it would've been stupid of me not to! Considering entry to the park for just ONE day was £13.20, we opted paying an extra £20 squid for the chance to visit national parks, all year round.

Dyrham Park is somewhere I'd seen on Instagram a while back - I think I stumbled across the fact its a place where you can walk amongst deer, so OBVIOUSLY I was instantly keen on visiting. Situated just outside Bath, its probably the closest National Park to us, here in Bristol. The drive takes around 20-30 minutes and is 100% worth the sites, history & tea rooms it has to offer.

When we arrived we decided to sit on a picnic bench (glamorously situated in the carpark), and decided to eat the packed lunch we brought a long with us before entering the park. My diet is so restricted at the minute I feel like whenever I go somewhere that isn't the supermarket or home, I have to bring my own stash of snacks. (Which secretly is kind of ok with me, as at least its things I like and at least I'm saving pennies!) 

When we first arrived, we were dead on time for the 'Deer Walk' which is carried out by one of the 'Park Rangers'. All very exciting. (The first time me and Christina came, we missed it, and the members of staff advised that Christina's heeled boots wouldn't be suitable for the amount of walking we'd be carrying out) - (It's really not that far - especially for a 20 something year olds limbs). ANYWAY, It was absolutely boiling this day and having to wear trousers was not ideal. However, obviously I was more than distracted by the deer that were just freely frolicking around, having a merry old time in the sunshine.

On our tour we learnt all about the grounds, the house, how long the deers had been resident to Dhyram Park (bloody ages), and a tonne of history about the area in general. (If you're interested in the historical/cultural side of English heritage, then I'd highly recommend going on the tour, as the guy who showed us around certainly knew his stuff).

Ahhhh look at them!!! When we were walking through the main 'Deer accommodation', if you will, (the massive field they eat, sleep and poo in), we only really got to see the deer from a far. However when we came up to the House, it turned out that a small herd of them had decided to take refuge in shady parts of the grass, RIGHT near the public walkway. Aren't they beautiful!? I was so gutted I didn't take my DSLR this day, but luckily my iPhone didn't preform too badly.

Me and my mum definitely picked a good day for our visit. There was not a cloud in the sky and the sun was blazing down over the house, making it look even more glorious than usual. I'm not too sure on the ins and outs of the history behind this building, however you can actually go inside and have a venture around. It reminds me a little of Longleat House, or the House at Blaize Castle. My favourite part was the MASSIVE conservatory, with beautiful arched windows, and lots of plants and old photographs inside.

As we ventured round the house, we discovered even more photo worthy spots. As well as allowing the guests into the house to look around, there is also a courtyard, where you can sit outside with tea & cake. There is also an area where there are small pot plants/flowers for sale (which you can spot in the left and the centre of the above photo). How cute!

Probably one of my favourite parts about Dyrham Park (apart from the deer), is the fact there is a quaint little tea room, WITH VEGAN CHOICES. Can I get a A frickin men. I find it so rare to stumble across a coffee shop with sweet choices, that I can actually eat. Isn't it crazy how so many chain coffee shops, or coffee shops in busy, touristy areas, don't cater for many if ANY choices for dietary needs/preferences? Blows my mind. ANYWAY (x2), The first time we went, I went for their dark chocolate and coconut flapjack, and the second time was the Apricot flapjack - both lovely jubbly, (and really reasonably priced, might I add). Theres seating in the courtyard, inside, and out in the back garden. I've been lucky in the sense that both times I've been it's been relatively quiet, but I can imagine you wouldn't have too much bother finding a perch if it was more busy.

Just behind the courtyard/coffee shop, there is even more to explore. We stumbled across Dyrham Church, (another thing we didn't quite get to on Christina and I's first visit). Which actually took my breath away. If I was planning to get married in a church (or married at all - lol), this place would 100% be on my 'serious consideration' list. I'm not sure if it was because the sun was beaming over the grounds so beautifully, or the fact it was just so unusually placed - in the middle of nowhere, but there was just something about it that was so peaceful and private. There was also a flower garden, where lots of events take place - things like photography, nature walks etc (you can find out loads about the events Dyrham Park run here).  There were also old stables within the grounds, which I didn't even know existed from our first visit either! I always find it fascinating when you see something that used to be in working order and is still preserved today.

If you're after something to do on the weekend, or you're also a National Trust member and haven't visited Dyrham Park yet, I'd highly recommend it. You could easily spend all day there exploring the grounds/house/deers and its family friendly. Even though I've been there twice already theres no doubt I'll go again.
Do you guys have any National Park recommendations for me? I'm such an old lady when it comes to my cutsie days out so I'm all up for any suggestions.

Thanks for reading, as always!
Madi x

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  1. One of my all time favourite places!!! It's so so pretty there and seeing the deers is so cute! Fab post girl x

    Abi | abistreetx