Thursday, 17 August 2017


It's been a good 48 hours now since I turned the ripe old age of 25, so I feel nows a good time to reflect. (As apposed to on the day, when I had a mixture of feelings, from excitement to impending doom). Can I believe I'm now 25? No. Do I feel like an adult now? No. 25 is such a funny age. Quotes that seem to be associated with 25 are, 'All down hill from here', or, 'Not long till you're 30!', or my mum's favourite, 'isn't it about time you got your own flat? you're 25 now'. 

I always remember thinking when I was around 16, that 25 was SO. OLD. I had a few friends older than me and just remember thinking, 'I'm so glad I'm not that old yet'. I'm not really sure why, maybe because I've always had quite a young and carefree outlook on life, and now it seems I actually have to get my butt in gear when it comes to 'growing up', and life in general. 

I was looking through my baby photos the other day and it just gave me the idea for this post. Its actually hilarious how demanding and spoilt I was. (You'll see in photos to come). I guess that's what came along with not only being an only child for 10 years, but also being the absolute apple of my parents eyes, considering it took them 7 years for me to even arrive on planet earth. 25 has been, without a doubt, my biggest year yet for self reflection. 

16-18, everything was exciting, there was not much time to worry about anything really. Personality traits and looks were manipulated, shaped, and admired by different friendship groups or boys that wanted your attention, and most trail of thought went into what you were wearing that weekend. I feel as though I had my most friends and most male attention during this time, and I was without a doubt at my most outgoing. 

18-22 was the time my eyes were opened to different romantic relationships, different life experiences, working, learning and socialising all at once, travelling without parents, and achieving things like learning to drive and gaining my degree. 

22-25 has been weird for me. Its as if there has been a huge anti climax. Now that uni is over, I'm settled in a full time job, I've had the same friends for a couple of years, I'm still living at home & I'm single.. life is just.. still? It's as if I've been given the time to look at my life in every single aspect. My personality traits, my looks, my interests, my style, my sexuality, my friends, my aspirations. The list goes on. 

So, I thought I'd write a little list about 25 things I've learnt in 25 years, (and show you some pretty hilarious photos along the way). 

1. Travelling actually feeds my soul. I don't care how cliche that sounds, its true. Every time I travel to a new place, I get a rush of inspiration, a warm and fuzzy feeling inside, and a general buzz from seeing sites I've never seen before. 

2. I will never be a naturally tidy person. I've spend a good 4-5 years now of trying to maintain some kind of order in my room/car/bathroom, and naturally trying to acquire OCD. It never happens. I'll put it down to creativity...

3. Saving money is some of the best life advice I can give. Don't get me wrong, I'm not able to save much AT ALL, but when I do its great to be able to book holidays, buy something you've wanted for ages, and not to mention, get you out of shit when your car goes wrong. 

4. I WILL be late if I don't set at least 4 alarms..

5. House parties are some of the best times you'll have in your life. Appreciate the fact you don't yet have an ID if you're under the age of 16. Sometimes running round your garden and jumping on the trampoline at 3am is 100% better than someone spilling tequila shots down your top at a busy bar. 

6. If you want something in life, you really do have to work for it. I've learnt nothing comes for free. 
If you want a certain job, you have to aspire to and work for it, not just temporarily, but always.
If you want love, you have to first learn to relentlessly work on and love yourself.
Nothing is impossibly, 'you are your only limit', and all that shiii'. 

7. Nothing gives me a bigger sense of achievement than learning something new.  

8. Even though I'm usually seen to wear a lot, I love wearing no makeup. The feeling of loads of product on my face kind of makes me feel a bit sick, and most of the time I can't wait to wash it off. 

9. Put me in a tent for the night, drunk or not, and I will become a ball of anger, rage, and will cry at least once.

10. Being demanding, spoilt or egotistical gets you nowhere. You actually end up looking like a massive bellend and life will always bite you in the ass in return, in one way or another. #behumble (#sitdown). 

11. The feeling of knowing you're completely self sufficient is the best ever. I've spent years in different relationships who have all completely wiped my ass for me, and on the flip side I've experienced men making me feel guilty for not paying for my own meal, or calling me 'princessy' for expecting basic chivalry. I think the term in return to that would be, 'stuff your money, up your ass hole'. I have my own, thanks. 

12. Learn to know what you want from life, and what you don't. Whether its someone who doesn't treat you right, you're not on the salary you want, or something doesn't set your soul on fire.
Never, settle for less than what you want. 

13. Don't be afraid of being authoritative and a little bit bossy. I've learnt that it's really important to let people know, that although I'm a petite 5"3 girl, I know what I want, and I know how important it can be to say no.  

14. People will ALWAYS talk about you. Unless you live under an actual rock, or you have no interaction with anyone other than yourself, you'll always get people talking about you. Good, bad, or bitchy. The best thing I've learnt is to acknowledge it, appreciate it, laugh at it, and let it go - pronto. 

15. Always be true to yourself. Stop hanging out with friends that make you feel shitty, quit putting energy into relationships that don't make you grow, wear the lipstick colour you want, eat the food you want, stop if you want to take a photo, don't follow the crowd, don't kiss boys you don't want to and stop spending money on things you don't want to do. 

 16. Accept that things don't always go your way. I've come from an up bringing where my shit don't stink and whatever I want, I can have (see photos above). However, I've learnt to accept that things take time to achieve, so not to be disappointed if you don't get the job you really want first time around, or appreciate the fact it takes time to build up a profession or to become good at a hobby you have.

17. As much as you think you need multiple lipsticks of the same colour/shade. You don't.

18. Investing time in yourself is time well spent. This year I've really invested time and money into my love for photography, blogging, and travel. I'm slowly learning to spend time on myself as apposed to using other people to find my happiness and self worth.

19. Trying to acknowledge and get through my health problems has been one of my toughest downfalls in the past couple years. Once I'm ill I crash and burn, and once I'm well I burn the candle at both ends in fear of getting ill again. I'm the worst at accepting theres anything wrong with me, sometimes its good to just accept the bad times and just ride it out. 'This too, shall pass' is maybe one of the most relevant quotes to my life.

20. Never be made to feel you're asking too much. I always have and always will, like nice things. I like beautiful places, I like expensive food and I like quality clothing. In the past I've been made to feel I'm too 'snobby' and should settle for less. Nuh uh. (Ref. point 12)

21. Never underestimate the power of animals to lift your mood. If you're ever feeling sad, go to your local petting farm and feed some goats, or pet some bunnies. If you have friends with a dog, take it for a walk. If you love cats, pet one any time you can.

22. I'm pretty much 100% in line with every single star sign reading I've ever read, its creepy. I am 100% Leo and I'm pretty sure it's obvious to anyone whose met me.

23. Accept that its ok to be an emotional, arty farty, expressive human. I've spent years holding in feelings, interests, and thoughts, when it comes to how I am as a person, in fear of judgment. Theres not much that makes me feel happier than typing up blog posts, taking photos, doing someones makeup, going to independent art exhibitions, aimlessly wondering new cities and listening to music I like. I'm done with feeling embarrassed about all of the above!

24. Constantly make memories. I am in constant ore of reminiscing over things I've done, and I still fantasise about what I would do if I had the time/effort to scrapbook.

25. Love as hard as you can. In recent years I've been made to feel like my love has been wasted, or I give away too much. I've had moments where I've felt my obsession with a person or my admiration towards someones personality/brain is too much or I'm being over whelming. However, I know what it feels like to get that love in return, and with the right person you should never have to change the way you love. I know I never will, thats for sure.

Well done if you got through that job lot. 
Heres to continuing to learn, grow and be the happiest I can be in years to come. 
Thanks for reading, as always!
Madi x


  1. omg yes. i remember being 13 and thinking 'yes i'll be married with kids by the time i'm 25, house sorted, job sorted, life sorted'.

    ...hahahahahahaha is literally all i've got to say about that!

    number 14 is one i especially relate to since starting in a young workplace, people just love a bloody gossip whether it's true or not. i've become really good at laughing at it and letting it go too, probably one of the best life lessons i've learnt i reckon.

    katie. xx

    ps. legit LOOK AT CHOO as a bubba, so freakin; cute!

    1. Literally 100%!
      So sorry lovely I've only just seen this comment! I'm still getting used to where my notifications go on my emails! *blogger fail*
      Haha aint' that right! Love love love your blog btw!
      Ahh I was a pretty cute little carrot top haha!
      Madi xxxxxx