Friday, 21 July 2017


I just can't believe its got to this point. Next month, I turn 25. W H A T. I don't understand, why do I still feel 16? How am I still living at home? Why do I feel EXACTLY the same as I did when I was 18?! How is it, that I suddenly feel I should be finding the man of my dreams to marry and make babies with? When did it happen that I became a woman who bought things like stamps, car insurance and B12 vitamins? 25 is the year you're apparently supposed to start looking at anti ageing skin care and worrying about things like smear tests *shudder*. WHY.  I'm not being funny but, it literally feels like I was saving my EMA money for Topshop clothes and drinking £3.99 Tesco Value box wine in Castle Park, just last week.. 

SIGH. Alas, I'm trying to be positive about the whole, hitting the ripe old age of 25, thing. I mean, I'm not 30 quite yet (mid life crisis anyone?), and I feel like 25-30 may just be my time, to begin walking a little faster through that that thing we call a 'career path', and actually move on, up and OUT of my family home. Heres to hoping ay! 

I thought I'd put together a little wish list of mine to refer back to. I usually get money for my birthday, and instead of spending it on Nando's and lipstick colours I already have, I thought I could remind myself of the things I really want to invest in this year! (All items linked within my words!)

How cool is this Zara Tshirt? I feel like it sums up myself, and maybe most other women in 2017? 
Camera equipment (Instax Poleroid, Canon 80D, Go Pro Hero 4), is something I've wanted for so. very. long. I mean, this is like the top of the range stuff I'd get if I won some money or something, but ultimately I just want a decent camera I can learn with and take my photography/videography love to the next level. 
The Ordinary Skincare is something I've seen floating around for a while now, I'm really intrigued by it considering it claims to be very natural and seems to be a big hit with in the blogosphere. I've seen a lot about the benefits of vitamin C so I'd be really interested to try The Ordinary Vitamin C Serum.
All I want, are some black, chunky, COMFY sandals. The only ones I've found, and liked so far, and the Dr Martens Gryphon ones. 
I'm planning to redecorate my room this year (I'm slowly but surely getting there), three things I desperately need are some Prints for the walls, A bedside table lamp, and a rug
I live in trainers, so investing in a new pair is definitely on my to do list! I love these Reebok Classics with the gum soul. 
A cute Zara sale dress, just because.
Me and Christina saw this mens Nike vest the other day, I put it against myself and realised I could definitly get away with it as a tshirt (vest?) dress. Pair it with some boots or converse and you got a go to Madi outfit right there. 
As previously mentioned, eye creams are something I've been giving my time to. The Kiehls Avacado Eye Treatment sounds like it might just be a hit with me and its on my 'To Try' list for sure.
I saw this L'oreal Gel Moisturiser in Boots the other day, I find every time I wear my cream moisturiser lately I ALWAYS end up with spots at the end of the day/the day after, and when I opt to give it a rest for the day, I don't? Laura Lee taught me that gel moisturisers are better for this problem. This also has Aloe Vera in and smells amazing so would love to try also!
Zara gift card - self explanatory. I'm loving Zara this year, basically. 
I used to LIVE in Black and White converse, its been so long since I've had some and they're such an easy shoe to wear/style. 
I'm really enjoying reading lately, sometimes I find an hour or two will go by when I'm getting lost in a book which is rare for my constantly buzzing mind. I've seen a lot about the 'Reasons to Stay Alive' book by Matt Haig. With mental health so close to my heart, I'd love to give this a gander.
Maybe the thing I'm MOST EXCITED ABOUT, Anastasia Beverly Hills announced this morning that they're releasing a new palette RIGHT BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY. (Check out their Instagram for more campaign shots) I feel like its the first palette I've EVER seen that has not one colour I wouldn't wear. 
Tea Pigs Pic'n'Mix set! After snooping Christina's sisters Instagram, I've been lusting after this little set ever since. If you know me you'll know I love my herbal teas. Tea Pigs is a brand I have't tried before so would love to give them a taste.
Ahhhh another beautiful March Jacobs Watch. I already have a really minimal watch by Marc with a white face and its a little more dainty. I love love love the black clock face and general design of this watch. Please? Anyone?

AND FINALLY - A trip to Edinburgh. This is something I've wanted to do for soooo long. Me and Christina (of course), are planning to book a 3 night stay there as soon as we next get paid and I can't bloody well wait.

Hope you enjoyed having a gander at my somewhat gigantic lust list! 
Let me know if you know of any good camera models that would be good for starting off with. As well as any good skincare/books/places to visit in Edinburgh. Anything really! Always down for a chat me! 
Thanks for reading, as always,
Madi x


  1. Once upon a time I wrote a list. A list I wanted to live and achieve by. These were very particular things that I want to achieve before a certain date it included a lot of the usual stuff - move out, get married, have kids, successful career etc etc - I wanted all of this by the time I was 28 (28 was the age my father was when he got a lot of these things).
    When I reached 25 I was fine, everything felt the same. At 26 everything felt very different. I was nowhere near any of the things on my list and I was now closer to 30 than 20 and I felt like Time was against me. The follow birthdays whilst fun were not as enjoyable as I would’ve liked and this all my own doing. I’d put pressure on myself to achieve what I thought was possible. Fast forward to the last three years - turning 30 felt like a huge weight of my shoulders. I knew what I like and what I didn’t. I had a passion and interest that drove me to want to achieve more. I’m a home owner with a scary mortgage and very real bills but I don’t have a list and now I follow what I think is best rather than comparing myself to those around me. I’m happy to hear that your health is improving and I look forward to seeing what you get up to on your birthday. Take care. D.

  2. I can definitely relate to your 'wait, I'm going to be how old?!' struggle! I often feel like I should be at a certain point in my life by now too but I think it's important to look at how far you've come too!!

    Love all the items you've picked, I definitely feel like I've got older as I now get incredibly excited about homeware (not that I have anywhere to move out lol). That Zara slogan tee is just the best!

    Sinéad xo Fabuleuse Du Jour

    1. This is so true! It's so hard to reflect on all the things you have done/achieved. It also scares me so much to think of all the memories from my teens etc! How am I not a teen anymore ?!?!? haha.
      Yes 100%, can't beat a bit of homeware browsing/shopping.
      I need it in my life!!!

      Madi xx