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Ok so I'm getting frustrated. I'm also relating a lot to Alice, over at THE ALICE EDIT, what with her recently carried out knee operation and being house bound. There are SO many blog posts I have lined up that I want to write, I just don't have the photos to go with them! If you haven't guessed already, and without sounding too self obsessed here, the photos I have planned would be of me, or include me. After all this is my personal blog, so it would be nice if I could make it more personal in the way of creative self portraits/photography and of course outfit posts etc. 

Anyway, I thought I'd do a personal question tag, (the more personal, the more juicy, right?). I've seen things like this floating around on the Blogosphere for a while now so thought I'd give it a go - plus I don't really have too much else to write about for now, at least until I can get some photos done! (I started my new medication today, eee all fingers and toes crossed that it kicks in ASAP!). 
If you had my on Myspace, or even Facebook, way back when in 2007, you'll know I'm a big fan of a question tag ;) I can't promise this will be too interesting but I hope you are some what entertained anyway!

1. Where did you grow up? What was it like?
I was born and grew up in none other, than good old Bristol. I've always loved the city I live in. Growing up here was a whirlwind of excitement, drinking underage, and meeting tonnes of new people. Bristol is a good mix of professionalism and play & sophistication and creativity. I love the fact its big enough for plenty of adventure but small enough to feel safe.

2. Who do you admire the most right now?
Probably my friends. I look up to every single one of them. I always feel as though they are continuously achieving things and excelling in life. Also lots of other freelance bloggers/writers that I subtly envy, and people who have enough guts and passion to start up their own business'! 

3. How'd you meet your best friend?
We met at my first ever job, in a shop called Espirt. She was one of the only friendly faces that asked for my contact details and made me feel super welcome. It's crazy how close we are now considering we met in a work environment!

4. Whats the most important thing in your life right now?
Without a doubt, my physical and mental health. I'm hopefully on the road to recovery once more and its feeling good!

5. How do you express yourself romantically?
I like to describe myself as a slow burner, but once I'm a-light, boy do you know it. I take my time in finding out where my feelings are going with a person. If I like someone, they won't know it straight away. It takes me a good while to feel comfortable with showing my emotion and feelings. However, once I start to like someone, I involve myself in that person a lot. Maybe too much. 

6. What was your most embarrassing moment?
I'm sure there are a trillion that I can't remember but, I do specifically remember the one time one of my ex's announced to his whole family, that I'd been for a poo (I had), because I'd taken a long time in the bathroom. Cheers pal. More recently me and my friend were bidding farewell to some boys we met in a club, and they watched me fall down the stairs as they waved us off... yup. 

7. Whats your pet peev?
People who don't wear cycle helmets when they cycle on the road, or anywhere for that matter. People who tap. The general public. Late doctors appointments. Waiting for prescriptions. Out of date soya milk. When everyones eating cheese and I can't. Sweaty/clammy, naked cuddles. The feeling of being rained on. Bad weather on holiday. Uncomfy clothing... to name a few. 

8. What do you notice first in a person?
Probably their stature/general presence. Which sounds really weird, but I think I judge someone a lot by their body language - whether it be closed, open, slouched or proud. If they walk hunched or tall and if they make eye contact with me/attempt to make conversation or not. Aesthetic wise it's probably height & eyes in a man and makeup & skin on a woman (the things I would envy, lawl). 

9.  Whats a song that moved you to feel something?
Paolo Nutini - Loving You, reminds me of falling in love for the first time.
Maccabees - Toothpaste Kisses, reminds me of falling in lust for the first time.
Alt J - Every Other Freckle, reminds me of being in love.
Birdy - Light Me Up, reminds me of falling out of love and being interested in someone new.
Dua Lipa - New Rules, reminds me of 2016.
Naughty Boy - La La La, reminds me of the best Summer of my life so far (2013).
Of course there are a shit tonne more but, there ya go!

10. What random topic do you enjoy discussing?
Boys. No matter how much I try and detract myself away from the male species, they ALWAYS seem to crop up in topic of conversation. Whether it be memories or hes 'been a massive twat' or 'gave the best orgasm', there always seems to be something that provokes emotion and passion when it comes to boys. I think both me and my closest friends, can agree on the fact we just love talking about boys and their mystical, bellendish, wonderful ways. 

11. Whats your favourite thing to buy?
Well obviously that would without a doubt be food. A good Nando's or a tasty Waga's - you got me at 'Shall we get food?'. Second to that would probably be makeup or toiletries, I'm pretty sure Boots and Superdrug should know my name by now. 

12. What do you hope to grow out of?
I really hope to grow out of my lack of organisation and untidyness. I feel like I'm really good at initially organising myself, whether it be for a new job, a weekend away, making my room tidy, or even a night out. Yet I always end up in chaos. I seem to just lose all concept of keeping myself in check and remembering how maintaining organisation, will make the task in hand easier in the long run. (You should see my pants & socks drawers..)

13. What impression do you try to give when you first meet them?
What I try to give and what I actually portray seem to be pretty different. I think it also depends what mood I'm in. Sometimes I think I can appear pretty stand offish and shy/rude, not that I mean to be! Sometimes I'm shy and quiet Madi, and other times I'm loud, friendly, welcoming Madi. How comfortable I am in a situation usually determines which Madi I'll be that day/evening! Overall I'm a pretty friendly gal that will talk to anyone if I feel confident enough to do so. 

14. What are some things you'd like to achieve before you die?
I want to travel to as many places as possible. I don't mean travel with a backpack and see the world in a more rural and organic way (As much as I wish I could be that girl). More so that I want to have as many holidays as I can (heh). Ya girl can't deal with not having a wash or eating nice food for over 48 hours.  

15. Whats the best and worst part of your personality?
The best - I'm pretty loyal when it comes to friendships and relationships. If I'm in your life, I'm very much in your life. When I'm sad, I find I can always bring myself around in one way or another, sometimes it takes longer than others, but on the whole I'm pretty good at self healing. I like to think of myself as pretty fun, I'm always up for something new/different and I'm always wanting to experience and see new things. I'm also incredibly loving when it comes to the right people. 
The worst - I'm a pretty intense person I guess. If I get on with a certain person, I will cling to them. I'm a very personable person, I like to find out the ins and outs of that person and be by their side through pretty much everything - that goes for friendships as well as relationships! My decisions are also usually swayed by someone I admire or like, which annoys me, as I sometimes don't stand for what I want and get influenced by others! 

Well done if you actually read that, you must be pretty nosy. (like me, don't worry ;))
I hope you enjoyed this little random post. Heres to hoping from this month my blog will start to take a turn for the more creative and exciting! PS, I kinda made this tag up myself out of a mixture of tag questions I found online - feel free to answer the questions and blog about them yourself! Tag me in them if you do. 

Thanks for reading, as always!
Madi x

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