Tuesday, 10 January 2017


I thought I'd put up a little post about my favourite eyeshadows, or eyeshadow palettes to be more specific. I have built up a pretty impressive drawer full of palettes, since falling in love with makeup around 3/4 years ago. When I shop makeup, theres never usually anything specific I'm shopping for - (dangerous). I pretty much have everything I'll ever need, for at least a year or so (yes, this does include foundations, mascara's and eyebrows pencils). Whether it be drugstore or high end - Entice me with dribble worthy packaging, a perfect mix of shimmers and mattes, a dreamy array of base and crease colours with a buttery finish - and you got me at hello girl.

I. Makeup Revolution, New-Trals vs Neutrals - II. Makeup Revolution, Ultra Eye Contour Light and Shade - III. Sleek, Au Naturel 601 - IV. Tarte, Tartlette In Bloom


This is probably my all time favourite palette yet - It works for absolutely everything, night time looks, day time looks, or just a little bit of that suttin' suttin'. I sometimes wear the shade 'smarty pants' as an all over the lid shade for work, (I wake up at 5.30am, it has to be quick and easy to do in the dark). All the shades in this palette compliment each other perfectly and blend seamlessly. It contains 9 mattes and 3 shimmers. The formula of these is SO pigmented and buttery I've never tried anything quite like it. I've used this palette on clients before and I honestly couldn't fault it. My favourite look is 'Charmer' all over the lid, 'Smarty Pants' or 'Jetsetter' in the crease, 'Leader' or 'Activist' on the outter corner, and of course 'Funny Girl' packed all over the lid. I also find 'Rebel' brushed under the lower lash line really compliments blue/green eyes! Beau-ti-ful!


This is another favourite of mine purely based on one shade, can you tell? However, I do love every colour in this palette, and for something so cheap - how can you go wrong? 12 shades for £8.99? I mean, excuse meee. I find myself reaching for this when I want a safe look - I know that when used in the crease/outter corner, that particular khaki shade (with tiny gold flecks!!), compliments my skin tone/eye colour etc. This palette contains 8 mattes and 4 shimmers. I like the general 90's/grunge feel I get from the colour-way of this palette. Its a little hit and miss with the formula/pigmentation, some shades are really buttery and the colour pay off is amazing - (the light shades and shimmer shades), however others - (mainly the dark shades), take a bit more to work with. 


Okay so, I physically cannot get over HOW this palette is from your local Superdrug... for £6.99 - R U KIDDIN? As you can probably tell from my slightly dodgy swatches (I can't swatch on my arm like a normal person at the moment, due to my eczema!) - the pigmentation of this palette is quite literally, exquisite. Look at it! I like to think this is a slightly less hyped up dupe for the Modern Renaissance palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills, (which bizarrely, I still want, of course..). The formulation for Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palettes lately is literally insane - for what you pay, your landed with a palette full of beautiful mattes and shimmers, in the most bendable and beautiful formula. I probably use this palette the least out of my favourites, purely because I don't suit pinky shades! However, definitely a palette for a professional look on a budget!  

Another banger from Makeup Revolution. If this isn't the most accurate dupe of Kat Von D Shade and Light palette, I don't know what is. Again, this palette kills it with the pigmentation and colour pay off, its really easy to work with and I can proudly say I have used every single shade in this palette (and loved every look I've created - if I were to toot my own horn). Just like the Sleek palette, I get a strong grunge vibe from this - which I love. This palette is perfect for beginners for two reasons, firstly - the price! and secondly - it has a great selection of neutrals and 'garish' shades, which I believe would suit/compliment any skin/hair/eye tone. 

Thanks for reading! Is there any eyeshadow palettes you'd recommend me based on my taste?
Currently on my wish list: Anastasia Beverly Hills, Modern Renaissance palette, and the Morphe 350F Palette - obvs.

Madi xx

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