Thursday, 13 October 2016


Theres something so beautiful about this time of year. Maybe its the way the sun hits the burnt orange leaves on the trees, or reflects on the dewy grass. One of my favourite things to do is to walk the scenic areas surrounding where I live. Sometimes my life is filled with a lot of negativity, so much so its almost as though it will spill over the top of my head, it has a way of consuming me so much. Walking is my best form of therapy - especially with Theo. I love pulling on my thick socks and pointing my feet into my wellies, stuffing a couple of poo bags into my pocket and leaving with nothing more than my keys and Theo's lead in my hands. Its a time where I take a breather from having to talk to anyone, and have space with my own thoughts. I escape the confinements of the house or work, and just breath. I find walking takes me away from everything and be grateful for the simple things. That I can see the sun setting, I can watch Theo leap through the long grass, I can smell the crisp autumnal air, and be thankful I can carry myself across the fields without thinking about it.

If anyone has any good suggestions for dog walks in the Bristol area, let me know! 
Thanks for reading,
Madi xx

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