Saturday, 9 April 2016


I'd like to introduce a new family member.
Theo Norman - a little boy toy poodle.
He was born on the 27th January 2016, so is currently only around 11 weeks! We picked him up when he had just hit 8 weeks on the 23rd of March - National Puppy Day! (complete fluke btw).
I actually cried once we'd collected him, I had him wrapped up on his little blanket, that we'd not long rubbed all over his mum for comfort. He's grown a lot since the day we collected him - he was SO tiny and delicate and would give you small puppy licks on your nose (still does, but now it smells/comes with more saliva) >.< Now Theo has got to grips with where he needs to poo and wee, what its like to venture in the back garden, new smells, playing with our pet cat Jeremy - he has become very curious over EVERYTHING - every movement of me, my mum, or my brother, every new chew toy, every corner of the garden! - He's very much the opposite of shy. He is also insanely clever for a dog his age, he can already understand 'come', as well as 'sit' and 'fetch'. Anyway enough chit chat, this is the little lad himself :-)

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